Jack of all trades and master none

Today, I was pretty busy because I had a lot of tasks to do. They required a lot of different knowledge from different fields. Moreover, they happened suddenly and wouldn’t last for a long time.

I thought what I did seemed to be fruitless and wondered if I should keep on doing this kind of tasks… I checked the draft of the How-to movie. I made the report of my business trip. I coordinated the shipment of our products from China to Singapore.

I’m meeting up with my friend who used to work for the recruit agency and currently works as a freelance consultant after she has married. Actually, I don’t have the strengths which differentiate me from other competitors as I always work on different types of tasks… Other friend advised me to sell my interdisciplinary skills, but they might be ” Jack of all trades and master none”… How should I do…?

Tomorrow, I’m having another different type of task. It is to adjust the usage of Japanese advertising materials in foreign countries. First, I will organize the regulation and ask our foreign companies for how they will localize them according to the regulation. Bridging the gaps between Japan and foreign countries sometimes stresses me out. It is very challenging because there are a lot of gaps such as knowledge of the staff, value, and the market trend and I have to work on them one by one.