3 New Members Joined Honey Popcorn

Comeback Showcase in Korea on July 5, 2019

Honey Popcorn is a Japanese girl group which performances K-pop songs. They were originally consisted of three members, and they made a debut in Korea in March 2018. As a matter of fact, their debut caused pros and cons. The reason was that all the members were pornstars. As you know, the production and distribution of pornography is illegal in Korea, so their debut was criticized. Some Korean people even collected signatures against their debut.

Despite these public opinion, Honey Popcorn debuted with their first mini album. The album peaked at number 18 on Gaon Album Chart, but their activity in Korea was apparently limited. As far as I knew, they didn’t act on TV programs. After that, they announced the recruitment of new members last summer. Then, after a member had left the group, 3 new members joined with the release of their second album.

They held comeback showcase in Korea on July 5, and they performed the new songs. The 3 new members seemingly were overflowing with hope. What was more, it sounded a beautiful story to make their dreams come true, but I had an anxiety that these new members finally might debut as porn stars considering the backgrounds of the production company they belonged to.

The Risks New Members May Face

The production company had troubles with at least two porn stars who used to belong to the company. They charged the company with enforced act in pornography. One of them confessed that she had been brainwashed by the company. She originally had a dream to succeed in the entertainment industry. Taking advantage of her dream, the company tried to make her appear on pornography as a way to get her dream realized. I was so surprised to hear that she had been forced to act in porn movie for the first time when she had arrived at the studio. She had no choice but to have a sex against her will. The company did it artfully, so she might have lost her judgement. She had been suffering from mental diseases because of this incident.

About this issue, the production company hadn’t responded, so what was complained by the victims might be true at leaset to me… That’s why, I think that the 3 new members may have the risk to face the same situations. Checking their Twitter account, one of them clearly denied that she would perform in pornography. On the other hand, I am not sure how the production company would manage the new members considering what the company had done so far.

If I were a new member and didn’t want to become a porn star, I would leave the group ASAP because I was not 100% sure that I didn’t need to appear on pornography as long as I had something to do with the production company. To avoid misunderstandings, I don’t think it is problem if you originally want to become a porn star (I respect those who are proud of being porn stars), but the problem is to lure many girls with the opportunity to debut as well as gradually brainwash them to decide to dive into the sex industry. If they debuted unwillingly, that would hurt not only themselves but only their family.