3 Reasons Why a Japanese Fan Loves WWE

A Pro-wrestling Giant WWE is coming to Japan on June 28 and 29!!

I’m so excited because I’m going see it for the first time in my life. The first opportunity I saw WWE was Mae Young Classic which was women’s tournament. Some wrestlers who were wrestling in Stardom competed in the first tournament, that made me joined WWE network. Since then, I have been attracted by WWE. Finally, I could get the opportunity to see WWE live in Japan.

This time, I want to share 3 main reasons why I love WWE!!


First, WWE is an exciting entertainment. The view of the world which is produced by movies, sets, music etc. are very interesting besides wrestling. These effects make the wrestlers shining. Therefore, I feel something different to the wrestlers in WWE. On the other hand, most of the Japanese wrestling promotions tend to focus on wrestling only. Worse still, they don’t cost money for dramatic impact. I like Japanese pro-wrestling, but it needs to be staged more to pump up an event.

Dramatic Scenarios

Second, the scenarios are created very dramatically. In addition, the wrestlers act like believable actors or actresses, that drew me into the stories. Lately, I’m fed up with the scenarios of a Japanese women’s pro-wrestling promotion. I can easily expect the results and most of them are 90% correct. In addition, the wrestlers are poor at acting. At a glance, I find they are not serious or feel embarrassed, that is really boring.

I don’t think it is because of the nationality as I used to be moved by the wrestlers in All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestling (AJWP) during the early 90’s. Especially, the clash between Bull Nakakno vs Aja Kong was very thrilling. (Perhaps, it might have been for real.) Bull challenged Aja to a duel. They used to be a relation between master and pupil. However, Aja rebelled against Bull to be an ace of AJWP. “I’ll definitely beat you”, Aja shouted. Then, Bull answered “Try and do it!”. This scene clutched my heart because their shouts sounded soulful. Moreover, tears of Bull stimulated my imagination. Bull might have mixed feelings about the clash over Aja. These days, it is sad that I cannot see such a scene in Japanese pro-wresting promotions. Therefore, I might seek for emotional things to WWE.


Finally, WWE motivates me to learn English harder because some Japanese wrestlers realized American dreams there. When I saw Kairi Sane and Io Shirai wrestle in a huge venue such as Barclays Center Brooklyn, New York, I was moved because they proved that dreams would come true as long as you kept on challenging. I have a dream that I wanted to study in New York to improve my English writing skills, but I’m struggling with the gap between the dream and real life. Watching WWE, I talk myself to study English more to be like a Kairi Sane in English blogs.

For these reasons, I love WWE. I cannot wait for seeing my first WWE!!