5 Pro-Wrestling Topics I Have An Interest In

The state of emergency was lifted on May 25th, 2020 in Japan. I had been staying at home and done teleworking for about two months. I will share what I had an interest in during that time.

1. Become a fan of Crea (久令愛): A future star of PURE-J

I happened to watch the match of Crea while seeing Youtube, for no particular reason, and I had an interest in her. The reason is that Crea looks full of spirit as well as has an attractive aura which star pro wrestlers have, that’s just my opinion, though. Her silver costume which Command Bolshoi, her trainer, used before matches her so much. As far as I remember, some wrestlers in JWP (A predecessor promotion of PURE-J) wore this type of costume in early 90’s. I don’t know the reason why, but it doesn’t look old-fashioned. On the contrary, it looks so fresh. I was supposed to see her wrestling on April 29th: the memorial event which celebrates the 20th anniversary of Leon after her pro wrestling debut. However, it was postponed to this August. I really look forward to that.

2. Yoshiko gets a lot of attentions by her SNS posts

Yoshiko (SEAdLINNNG) posted movies which she cooked some sweets in. She explained how to cook aggressively, and she sometimes gave us a withering glare, that was so scary. However, at the end of the movies, she ate the sweets, and she smiled from ear to ear. The gap was really interesting, and some TV programs and web news introduced her. An influencer helped Yoshiko produce the contents. The influencer is said to be a daughter of Nagaharu Imai who used to be a ring announcer of All Japan Women’s Pro-Wrestiling (Zenjo). It is impressive that people who have something to do with pro wrestling help each other and succeed in getting attentions from people who don’t know pro wrestling well.

3. Hana Kimura passes away

A future worldwide star, Hana Kimura passed away. When I heard the news, I couldn’t believe it at all. For me, she seemed to be going well. The reason is that she appeared on Japanese popular TV program, TERRACE HOUSE, and she raised awareness. I was surprised when she was introducing her favorite cosmetics products in a famous beauty magazine. However, I felt sad when I knew the fact that a lot of online smears exhausted her so much. I’m so sorry for her loss. And her loss is no doubt a huge damage to pro wrestling industry. I remember some young girls was joining the workshop at Stardom dojo dreaming to be like Hana. I hope that the girls don’t give up their dreams and succeed Hana’s will.

4. Arisa Hoshiki retires

Arisa Hoshiki, a former Wonder of Stardom Champion, announced her retirement because of her brain and neck injuries. After she apologized for her absence of the title match with Natsuko Tora on March 8th, she had kept silence, and she officially announced her retirement on May 20th. I once again read WEEKLY PRO-WRESTLING, a Japanese pro wrestling magazine called “Shu Pro”, which sensationally reported the acquisition by Bushiroad Inc. last October. Arisa was on the cover page with Mayu Iwatani, Hana Kimura, and Utami Hayashishita. There was only a brilliant future in it. I know there’s nothing we can do about what happened, but her retirement is a huge loss.

5. GAEAISM starts

I found a Youtube channel, GAEAISM, and it uploaded the matches of GAEA JAPAN. GAEA JAPAN was founded in 1995 and broke up in 2005. The rookies of GAEA JAPAN were called as “Amazing Rookies”, and they attracted us with skilled techniques as well as emotional expressions. Especially, the match between Meiko Satomura and Toshiyo Yamada was interesting. They were both favorite pupils of Chigusa Nagayo, and they were conscious each other. Meiko Satomura was a rookie then and seemed to wrestle frantically. I was feeling a chill as the arms of Toshiyo Yamada were bent in the dangerous direction many times…