A Budget Breakdown

Today, I was tired because I was focusing on one thing, considering a budget breakdown for next year. I, especially, was planning how I should allocate a budget of sales promotion expenses. Our team bears it for the purpose of improving a brand image in overseas market.

I had interviewed the local staff in advance, and I tried my best to make the convincing proposals. I, finally, could make a draft, and I’ll finalize it in a few days. That’s why, I felt a sense of accomplishment today.

What I learned was that I’m good at considering something alone. In contrast, I hate to work as a team. The reason is that I lose my concentration every time I work with my colleagues. I tend to worry about human relations in the project rather than attaining the goal.

For this reason, I’m looking for the job opportunity that helps me increase my own skills as well as work as a freelance. This is what I have found through my job experience.

Tomorrow, I’m having an interview with a recruiting agency. So, I have organized my thoughts and prepared for the questions which I want to ask. The agency is introducing some job positions, and I consider if they would meet my requirements. As they introduce the positions of foreign companies, I will have to prepare for English resume in a quick pace.