A Comfortable Communication

Today, I was very happy because I could enjoy my working time for the first time in a long while. The reason was that I had a comfortable communication with two colleagues in our foreign companies.

First, a local staff in our foreign company. These days, we had a disagreement as he complained about the way I worked. In fact, I was not convinced to what he insisted, but I didn’t talk back to him. Conversely, I reflected on what would be the solution. I had started communicating with him aggressively since last week. In addition, I tried to respond to his inquires quickly. I realized that his attitude was gradually getting better. While we were chatting in the morning, he told me that he had caught a cold and, worse still, had a fever of 39. I was not sure, but that might be from stress. I suddenly came to feel sorry to him and decided to change my mind to communicate with him sincerely.

Second, I also had a good communication with a local staff in another foreign company. She asked me difficult requests which were not realistic. So, I had been fed up with that and reluctant to reply to her email. However, I changed the way I communicated using the lessons from the above staff. As an example, I proposed my ideas before receiving some requests from her. Reading her email reply, she was seemingly glad and said thank you to me. I was also glad to hear that, and that made me realize that sincere attitude was the key to make good human relations.

If I maintained this comfortable communication, I could work positively and that would lead to good results. I’ll keep on writing how I feel in English while challenging for the issues. What one likes, one will do well.