A day in Thailand

Yesterday, I was very happy because I could enjoy my time in Thailand for the first time in a while. It’s been about four months since I visited last time. It seemed that there were no changes compared with my last visit.

Fisrt, me and my partner visited “ MK restaurant” for lunch. It’s the restaurant of the local cuisine. We enjoyed “Thai hotpot” there. It’s almost the same as “Japanese Shabushabu”, but the sauce you    dip is different. I love that sauce very much, because it taste sour and hot. Moreover, the smell of garlic makes me hungry!! My partner hates the sauce though and always requests “Ponzu”. I think it wouldn’t be no difference from “Japanese Shabushabu”.

Second, we visited “Mr. Feet” which is a famous massage store. The reason why I love it is that the pressure of massage is so strong and that is so convincing to make me feel that my body is recovering from the fatigue from body and soul.(Today, I suffer from a pain on my back because it was pushed strongly and repeatedly… haha)

Third, we visited “Mango Tree” for dinner. There are some sister restaurants in Japan as well, but the local dishes would taste the best I think. You can enjoy the local dishes such as “Tom yam kin”, “Som Tam” there. Moreover, you could expect the synergetic effects while drinking the local beer “Shinha”. That would bring you the feeling that you enjoy Thailand very much !!