A farewell party

Today, I was a little tired because I attended a farewell party of my colleague. It was the first working day after three consecutive holidays today, but my schedule was occupied by the meetings. Therefore, I was very busy and managed to deal with a pile of work during my break time between the meetings.

Therefore, I was so exhausted and stressed out in the evening. Then, I moved to the Japanese pub to join a farewell party of my colleague. I thought what a bad timing it was to hold the party in a busy day… However, I tried to enjoy my time and show my appreciation to the colleague.

During the party, we talked about the memories with the colleague. That was sentimental as well as fun… Everything that has a beginning must also has an end.I’m working for the same department over 5 years. When would it be an end at the current department ??

I had a variety of alcohol today… I hope I wouldn’t be hangover tomorrow…