A good teacher VS A bad teacher

What are the differences between a good teacher and a bad teacher? Both are comparable in terms of having knowledge to teach subjects. A good teacher, however, differs from a bad teacher because of three reasons; communication skills, flexibility, and making a good influence on a student.

First, a good teacher is easier for a student to communicate with than a bad teacher. Teachers who improve their communication skills are willing to teach, suggest and guide their students. (Silver,2018) Therefore, a good communication between a teacher and a student makes it faster to find an answer when the student faces problems. As an example, when a student has a disagreement with his or her friends as well as questions of study, a good teacher realizes the student’s concerns soon and helps the student to solve them.

Second, a good teacher has a flexibility. Whereas, a bad teacher just pushes his or her ways of thinking. As an example, a good teacher changes a resolution depending on a student’s traits. Moreover, a good teacher persistently focuses on a student’s needs first, just not behaving according to a manual. (Christenbury,2010/2011)

Finally, a good teacher makes a wonderful influence on a student because a good teacher gives valuable advice. The advice changes not only a student’s way of thinking but also his or her future. For instance, I learned how to see things when I was a high school student. I had a habit to focus on the details first. My teacher advised me to think of the big picture first. That has been a practical suggestion for me.

In conclusion, each teacher has an ability to be qualified as a teacher. This said, a good teacher effects a student very well for these reasons. Such differences change the student’s growth and future. Therefore, all the teachers should be trained to strengthen these skills and be evaluated at regular intervals.

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