A Job Change Project Has Started!

(It was updated on August 27, 2019)

“I’m in over my late thirties, and I often consider what will become of the rest of my life.”
“As a matter of fact, I don’t have any advantage to sell myself…”

I want to share this blog with those who think about like this.

I’m a Japanese working professional, who is in my late thirties.
I’m categorized into middle-aged class, so I need to reflect on the strategy which matches my age.

Today, I consulted with my friend about a job change.
The reason is that I’m seeking to find another job which would improve my skills: English skills. (Actually, I belong to an international department right now, but 95% of job is done in Japanese…)
Not only that, I want to go with the job which relates with the life after I retire.
I want to live abroad, and I want to start making connection with the area I want to move through the job.

One of my concerns about a job change is that I don’t have strengths that can differentiate myself among many competitors.
My friend, who is a professional consultant, told me that the concern I had were as common as other Japanese working professionals who were over his/her thirties.

In most of the relatively major companies in Japan, they hire recent graduate as “Comprehensive Work” and have them experience several kinds of jobs every three to five years, to cut it short, “Job Rotation.”

That’s why, Japanese companies tend to develop “Generalist”, my friend said.
I was thinking that I have less strengths than other competitors, but my friend’s words got me relieved a little.

Taking it into consideration, I will apply for either an international department of domestic company or a company of foreign origin.
As the next step, I will consider which industry I want to work for as well as which area I want to handle.

I was rushed because of the article which was like a fear campaign, but “Can’t hurry a job change.”
I’ll work on finding a new job, while I continue to work for the current company.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress here.

August 9, 2019

There is a week-long holiday in Japan, and I’m going to Thailand to release my stress as well as refresh myself. During the travel, I’ll prepare for

  • Resume
  • The Reasons for a Job Change
  • About Myself

After getting them done, I’ll meet the friend and share them to get the feedbacks. Then, I will contact to a few recruitment agencies to look for another company. It is important to give a favorable first impression, so I will try my best!!

Organizing My Thoughts with Help of My Friend (August 21, 2019)

I met the friend, and I got my resume checked face-to-face last week. I shared my careers as well as the reasons why I wanted to change my job. She listened to me carefully, and she analyzed the way I thought. She gave me an advice that I had had core values since I had become a working professional. I had experienced some companies, though. As a matter of fact, one of my concerns was the number of job changes, but she gave me a confidence that had I kept on improving skills because of the job changes. Her advices gave me courage to contact to a few agencies.

As an adversaria, what I learned was the below things.
*While I’m fed up with working under the strictly controlled environment, I can make the most of my skills when I’m given only the mission and work on achieving it with my own way.
*I tend to get motivated when I’m highly evaluated by a company. In contrast, I’m demotivated when the assessment criteria is not so subtle or I find myself unexpected by company.
*I hate a lot of “waste” such as time, cost etc., and I want them efficient. I want to get the job done with minimum but correct communication.
*Using English is just a tool. I was hoping to improve my English skills, though.
*I’m a very careful person, and I prepare a lot in advance. Also, I do my best to reduce risks before the action.

I could clearly understand the way I work as well as the way I think, that I really appreciated. During the meeting, I was embarrassed because I revealed what I hadn’t shared with the friend, but I was impressed by the professional advices and attitude of my friend.