A Littile Tired

Today, I was a little tired because my partner visited my house last weekend after two weeks absence. I might have gotten used to live alone lately, and my body clock seemed to be messed up by staying with my partner.

This morning, I joined a meeting on Zoom. And then, my boss asked me for an urgent task which I had to finish by 3pm today. I was so rushed, and  I tried to concentrate as much as possible. After completing the job, I was so exhausted, and I didn’t want to do anything. That’s why, I didn’t work overtime today.

After work, I played an online game which improves my memory. Lately, I’m working on improving my skills during the period of the emergency declaration. As I can save the time for commuting, I think I can make the most of the time for studying. Actually, I’m wondering which to start as I have a lot which I want to learn.

However, I shouldn’t be so rushed, and I need to reflect on which would be the most important for me right now. So, I prioritized what I’ll learn.

  1. Learning English
  2. Improving Data Analysis Skills
  3. Reviewing Accounting Skills