A Meeting With The Boss Of My Boss

Today, I was a little happy because I went out for lunch with the manager of my department, and I could complain about the disagreement with my boss.

He is the boss of my boss. From my experience, it was rear to have lunch with him, and that made me think that he might have known yesterday’s incident, and he was getting further information. After the lunch, we moved to the cafeteria, and he asked me “how do you do lately?” I shared the same thing as what I told to the manager of HR department yesterday.

I didn’t know the truth, but he seemed to be surprised to hear that. Then, he asked me why I didn’t tell him first. I didn’t have the answer. My instinct just made me contact to HR department to solve the issue in an effective way.

I was not sure how he would act to solve this issue, but I got relieved a little because I could share my honest feelings. I just wait for the feedback from the manager of HR department, who will have a one on one meeting with my boss. I will see how it goes.

Not only that, I will proceed with finding another job, and I will have a meeting with one of my friends in August. I’d like to find a happy medium while working at the current company and finding out the next company at the same time.

In contrast, my partner has a negative position to my career change. It is natural that he thinks so because changing job has both good points and bad points, so finding the company which could be convincing for my partner is one of my judgement criteria.

I’m in my late thirties now, and my choices will be narrowed down as I get older. So, I need to go with the next job carefully. Making mistakes are not allowed. How difficult to survive in the competitive society, but I’ll hang on to have a bright future with my partner!