A memorial day that I started learning academic writing !!

Today, I was feeling well because I started learning academic writing through e-learning.

I began it from the basic. For example, I learned the features of academic writing first and the structure of a paragraph. They were lectured in English, so it took time to read and understand them. I gave up before the task to write a single, stand-alone paragraph. If I moved on to that, I couldn’t have time to take a break after hard work today…

There were a lot of tips which were new to me, so I’d like to learn them while keeping on writing a lot of essays. I thought that one of the differences from my diary was “brainstorming”. When I write a diary, I don’t consider its structure, coherence, and clarity very much. On the other hand, academic writing needs brainstorming ideas about the topic, examples and deciding their order, that I have to improve. I think all the good writers have that skill !!

Tomorrow, I will write a single paragraph. I’ll try my best to write reader-friendly essays.

A diary before improvement