A new employee

Today, I was so tired because I was taking care of a new employee. She had joined our team since yesterday and was experiencing our job for only three days. I heard the news from my boss last Friday. Moreover, I was told to mainly teach her our job. Such a sudden notice really made me annoyed. Indeed, my boss often overlooked important information like this, so our team members were involved in the trouble…

However, I tried to change my mind as she was, of course, not fault. So, I prepared whatever I could do in advance so that she could have an interest in overseas business which my team handled.

Meeting her for the first time, I wondered if she was interested in our job. While introducing each other, I found that she came to our team by lot to respect equality among new employees. I wondered why I had to spare time for someone who was not interested in our job…Once again, I tried to change my mind as it might be training for me to coach a younger staff.

She was over 10 years younger than me. When I was a new employee, she was still going elementary school. What a big gap it was!! I was not sure what I should talk to her as we didn’t have the common topics. I was, however, surprised as she was so well-balanced that we could talk each other soon without any difficulties.

I made her attend some meetings today. As she didn’t know well about our business, I answered her questions before and after the meeting. It was challenging for me to explain things easily, that gave me a sense of tension. I had felt this way for the first time in a long while.

Tomorrow, it is the final day of the event. I look forward to knowing how she has felt. I hope that would be favorable.