AI speakers and me

Today, I was pretty happy because I joined the seminar held by an innovative company. The way they work was very unique and innovative, so a few colleagues planned the seminar to refer to their strengths and use them to our jobs.

I had the lecture of a solution to a challenge. First, our managers from different departments shared with us the current issues they had. Second, we considered the ideas to solve the problems.

The company had a lot of know-hows about AI speakers such as Amazon echo, Google home and so on, so we considered how we could resolve the issues with that technology. We could have the opportunity to understand further about the latest technology and finally design the prototype of AI speaker’s service in one day !! We could learn how we should solve the issues in limited time as well as what the latest technology was like. I’d like to share what I have learned with my team members.

Tomorrow, I’m going to finalize the report of my business trip to Taiwan. My boss told me to share with the staff in our company at the latest by the end of this week. This report is about the launch event of our new product in Taiwan. The main purpose is to let all the employees know that its launch is also hot topic in foreign country and motivate them to promote our product more. Therefore, I feel a kind of pressure that I have to create the report which could make the employees moved and have good influence to their jobs.