Allergic Reaction

Today, I was somehow feeling sick, so I left our office earlier. I felt something wrong with my throat. Something seemed to be stuck in my throat. Therefore, I had a difficulty speaking.

I had four meetings and I spoke a lot. Eventually, my voice got husky. I thought this was a kind of allergic reaction to some pollen or some dust.

I have the reaction every this season. I will have to take a pill constantly to protect myself. Moreover, my mental fatigue these days might have gotten the reaction much worse. I need take a break !!

Tomorrow, I will do my job which I brought back today. I will cancel the class for Photoshop and concentrate on finalizing my proposals to our Taiwanese company. Furthermore, a new project will start next week and I will be assigned as a member.

Although my tasks have been increasing day by day, I will do my best to return what I have learned to our company.