An interview with my boss

Today, I was a little exhausted but learnt an important thing from my boss.  I had an interview with the director of my department. I shared with him my tasks for about one and a half hours.

Actually, I wanted to finish it soon and go home because I was so stressed out by a pile of jobs. However, he tried to understand what I did and asked me many questions. I thought “Oh my god… Tiring…Annoying…”.

While we were talking, I complained about one of my jobs. In addition, I proposed that a staff in another department do the job instead. The director asked me ” Do you think it could solve the actual cause of the problem ?”. I couldn’t answer anything…

Then, he asked me a lot of questions and I tried to answer about the issue, but we couldn’t understand each other very well. How difficult it was to covey my thoughts…

However, the interview taught me that there were many different viewpoints to one problem. Once you see a thing from a different way of view, the problem might be solved soon, that I could learn today.

I’d like to thank to my boss and it will be my turn to give another viewpoint to my colleagues.