An unbelievable mistake…

Today, I was pretty surprised because I made an unbelievable mistake… I got a call from the bank and found that I had left my cash card at the ATM yesterday !!

I remember I had to pay the commission to withdraw some money because it was over 9pm. Therefore, I gave up withdrawing. I don’t remember after that. Moreover, I was listening to the music, so I would not have heard the alarm…

This mistake has taught me that I must have been tired and need to take a break. I left our office earlier than usual and had the energy drink to refresh myself. Some of my colleagues were catching colds, so I will have to pay the utmost attention not to be infected.

Tomorrow, I will have a small interview to a new temporary staff. She was thinking that she was the only temporary staff, but found that only one month overlapped with the previous temporary staff.

Actually, we wanted to avoid the situation, but we couldn’t because of the contract we made. The new staff might worry about why there is another temporary staff and why the staff is leaving at the end of this month.

To get rid of this anxiousness, I’d like to explain the backgrounds paying attention to my words.