Back to my usual self !!

I was feeling a little well today because I could reflect on the agenda for by business trip from next week. It has been three days since I started working this year. During those days, it took time to catch up with what I left unfinished last year.

Today, I felt that my brain worked so sharply for the first time in this year. Moreover, I had a confidence that I would work as hard as usual, that made me relieved.

This experience has taught me that I have to maintain good performance at work even after my week-long holiday. I think this must be a professional behavior !! One of my goals of this year is to improve management skills. Always keeping good performance would be also management skill I have to strengthen.

Tomorrow, I and a colleague are revising the format of the report for the board meeting. Actually, the colleague kindly proposed me to reflect on it together, that I really appreciated !!First, we will review the current report and consider which contents would be necessary or unnecessary. Second, we will make the layout of the contents in order of priority. Finally, I will ask an internal Excel expert for creating the revised format in Excel. I hope we could make a better one !!

The draft by handwriting