Be strategic to win !!

Today, I was happy because I could reflect on my future career plans.

I got a notice of the survey of my future career plans. Our company annually do the survey and it is the only chance for us to convey our intentions. This time, I was reflecting on the reply for the longest time as I was really longing to be transferred to another department.

While reflecting on it, I experienced a change of heart. It was so interesting.

First, I wrote off my complaints of my current job on the paper. I had a refreshed feeling. However, I wondered how readers felt when they read my claims. It would obviously give the readers bad impression. In addition, I could lose the opportunity because of my childish attitude. It made me feel that I had to be strategic as well as cool !!

Therefore, I changed the way I thought and considered how I could get a favorable impression from the readers. Specifically, I clealy expressed that I was doing my current job positively. In addition, I hoped to be transferred to another department to give back what I learnt to my current job.

In conclusion, comparing the above reasons, I thought that the latter one would be more convincing to the readers. Although what I wanted to say was almost the same between two reasons, the reaction would be absolutely different.

I’ll finalize the survey by this week. I would like to brush up it many times to stand out among many colleagues.