Best Cherry Blossom Spot for Date

Try going to cherry blossom spots when you come to Japan!

It is spring in Japan right now. Cherry blossoms (Sakura) are blooming in Tokyo. Me and my partner went see Sakura this weekend as it was sunny and the last chance to enjoy them. (The enjoyable time of Sakura is limited, so we cannot miss the chance!!)

Shinjuku Gyoen (

We went to Shinjuku Gyoen which is located at Shinjuku Ward and one of the best Sakura spots in Tokyo. It was the first time for me to visit in about 7 to 8 years.

I was surprised to find two changes. One was the entrance charge doubled. It became from JPY250 to JPY500 per adult. Another was drinking inside was banned. At the gate, staff were checking inside of visitors’ bags to find alcohol. I was not sure why the charge doubled, but I had a good impression to prohibit drinking to maintain the safety.

This is off topic, but many Japanese are bad drinkers. Foreigners have impression that Japanese are quiet and humble, but alcohol totally change some Japanese. Some reveal what was in their mind by drinking a lot and it sometimes leads to quarrel, that I have experienced many times and really hate…

Going back to the story, there were a lot of viewers. Everyone enjoyed Sakura doing different things. I found that there were a lot of foreigners. In Tokyo Olympic games going forward, there would be more foreigners. It is so exciting!!

Dinner at a memorial restaurant

Then, we went to a restaurant which was memorial place for us. We visited there at the first date. I remember I was so nervous that I couldn’t speak well then. It’s been about 4 years and I was so happy that we could still spend time together. My partner was a lightweight and I was also getting weaker day by day. However, we drunk two bottles of wine. We were so excited that we couldn’t control ourselves… After going home, I don’t remember what I did… In the midnight, I woke up and found that I didn’t take a bath. My partner did hate not to take a bath, so I got scary… However, my partner kindly said, “This time, I’ll let you go.” I got relieved…

How lovely time it was. Thanks to it, I was refreshed this weekend. Lately I spent stressful days at work and tent to get emotional. To maintain good health in my mind and body, I really realized that time with my partner would be the most important.