Have you ever experienced breakthrough when you were learning English ?

While I had lunch with my boss, I asked the above question. My boss told me that ” I experienced it when I dated with a foreign steady” and continued ” I had no choice but to speak English as my steady couldn’t speak Japanese”.

I didn’t know the reason why but I remember it irritated me. I’m learning English hard, but I haven’t experienced breakthrough. In contrast, my boss did while enjoying the life with the steady. Wasn’t this fair, was this?

This experience has taught me that there are many ways to improve English. Even if I learnt with difficulty or spent time and money, it doesn’t follow that they were the fastest ways to speak English freely.

It might be good to find a fun but effective way to improve my English. Having a foreign steady is difficult, so I will look for foreign friends, that would improve my English ability dramatically. I would like to learn English with smart strategies !!

Tomorrow, I’m meeting a potential foreign business partner. I’ll use English during the meeting. I would be a good experience for me to experience the atmosphere of the meeting in English.