Bushi Road Acquires Stardom

I’m so excited to see the historical moment live, the press conference. I’d like to share with you this good news, especially the explanation from Mr. Kidani, the president of Bushi Road.

Why is Stardom acquired?


Bushi Road has been paying attention to the change of the trend. The trend is that women come to occupy a large part in many areas. Even in pro wrestling industry, they thought their group companies might face the risk why there were no female matches. So, Bushi Road started the research two years ago, and they came to an end that Stardom would match their requirements.

What will Stardom become of?


Bushi Road is seeking to make Stardom more wonderful as well as global. For attaining the goal, Bushi Road will prepare for the good environment for the rosters. For example, they will be able to concentrate more on wrestling. What is more, they will be able to wrestle in front of much more fans. Also, they will have more opportunities to appear at the events as well as on the TV commercials of Bushi Road group, that will raise their awareness.

My thoughts

What made me impressed is the word “Pro wrestling is Content Marketing of Character” by Mr.Kidani. The combination of character and the story will impress fans. I really agree with that. At the same time, that is area to improve for Japanese female pro wrestling industry, I think. I hope that this change will bring the bright future for female pro wrestling!