Business Level English

It’s been over two months since I started looking for a new job. I have learned a lot from it.

I met three recruiting agencies and shared my thoughts about my career plan for the rest of my life. The more I talked about myself, the sharper my ideal career path became. I could narrow down the career path options while asking myself about how I want to work in the future.

I, actually, was wondering if I should deal with overseas business while belonging to a domestic company or focus on domestic market while working for a foreign company. Both seemed so interesting for me because I could have more opportunities to use English on business than now. (I need to find a company as I don’t use English while being in an international department now, though.)

I gradually came to feel that focusing on domestic market might not fit my requirements. The reason is that the market in Japan has been matured, and it is better to seek for the chance in overseas market. Not only that, I found that I preferred to strengthen the relationship with a current customer rather than acquiring a new customer. Analyzing my personality, I’m the type of person who likes to be considerate of customer’s needs and make a long-term relationship.

In addition, I would like to focus on companies which do a business with English-speaking countries such as USA, Canada and Australia etc. I’d like to force myself to speak English most of the working time as I found it difficult to maintain my motivation under the current situation.

I’m consulting with an English teacher this weekend, and I’ll ask the teacher about how to improve my English, especially speaking ability. If I want to make an ideal job change, I have to make my English business level. I can do that as long as I strongly believe and keep on making efforts.