Considering insurance

Today, I was somewhat happy because I had less effect of jet lag than I thought. I woke up at 9am, that was 2 hours later than usual though. I was feeling good and went to see a consultant to consider insurance I had to get.

Actually, I didn’t want to go out at the last day of my new year holiday, but I had no choice but to do that as I had to apply for insurance by next Friday for some reasons. I was a little angry with the short deadline. It was noticed a few days before visiting Thailand, so the only chance to considering insurance was Today…

Finally, I chosen two potential insurances. I’m inquiring the quotations tomorrow. Besides that I will be busy collecting some documents for the next few months. (About the reasons why I have to collect some documents, I’ll explain some time.) It would be stressful to do things which I’m not used to do, but I’ll do my best as I believe that would help me gain experience.

Tomorrow, it will be the first working day for me this year. I’m already wondering how many emails I will have received from the staff in our foreign companies. They didn’t have holidays longer than us, so they would send a lot of emails while irritating that I was enjoying my time in Thiland… haha… Scary !!!