Coronavirus Pandemic in Japan

Vacant Cabinet in a Pharmacy

Now, people all over the world are in the middle of coronavirus pandemic.

Since early this year, we have spent anxious and unstable lives. I’d like to look back on what I felt and learned during that time.

1. The Government of Japan

First of all, I have been disappointed by the way the Government of Japan acted against the coronavirus pandemic. Their actions seem too late, that makes me frustrated. Worse still, I didn’t think they had a clear and simple explanations about their decisions. I guess their decision process is old-fashioned, and their way of thinking is far away from people’s demands. The number of deaths will increase as long as the Government of Japan change their mindset. This experience taught me that I had to have an interest in the politics, and I should be involved in it aggressively. I need to consider who would the most reliable to entrust my life.

2. Telework

I really appreciate our company’s allowing us to do telework at the early timing. (before the emergency declaration) What is more, our company will be difficult to go bankrupt for a while even in this situation. On the other hand, many small business owners have difficulties in sustaining their businesses. I appreciate that I’m in blessed situation. At the same time, I need to keep in mind that I might be in the same situation if the coronavirus pandemic go worse. “It could happen to any of us.”

3. Discrimination

There happened discriminations all over the world. The news that Asians were attacked by other race’s people in some foreign countries just because they were Asian really made me sad. In Japan, the discrimination to staff who were working in a hospital and their families was reported. I was scared of the dark side of human race. I guess that people are in panic situation now, so they make mistake without conscious. After coronavirus pandemic, those who discriminated others would regret what ridiculous things they have done.

4. Buying up

Japanese have been battling for masks, alcohol sanitizer etc. People including me have no choice but to do that to protect ourselves and our families. I was surprised at the vacant cabinets at many pharmacies. From this experience, I learned two items. One is that I must be careful even if I saw the information about the shortage of product. Before running to stores, I need to consider if it is true or not as well as the products are really necessary for me. Another is that I should move earlier before rumors spread, so I don’t need to feel rushed… Exposing myself to a lot of information, analyzing trends, and imaging how I should take action to prevent me from being involved in the panic.

5. Family

I realized how strong the bond with my family was. I and my mother live separately, and we cheer up each other through LINE every morning, that motivates me to maintain positive attitude. This week, my mother sent me some handmade masks. She made them with a pattern which was introduced on the newspaper. Actually, they are relatively big for my face, and I’m embarrassed when I go out, but I appreciate her kindness and keep them as my treasures. Not only that, my relatives shared me with masks and alcohol sanitizer although their stocks were limited… I never forget their kindness, and I put an importance on the relationship with my family and relatives more.

I’m not sure when this pandemic will be terminated, but what I can is to stay at home and stop coronavirus’s spreding.