Dangerous Moves

I hate the moves to drive an opponent’s head or neck into a mat vertically. The reason is that they look so dangerous and turn me off.

As an example, I watched Syuri vs Maika in the 5 Star GP 2021. Syuri pinned Maika with Ryuen. Syuri drove Maika neck-first into the mat, that was so scary.

If it looks nice, a simple move should be regarded as a finishing hold, I believe. German suplex of Utami Hayashishita looks persuasive to pin. I hate the way Utami did it to Syuri this June, though. Utami applied German suplex to Syuri at the ringside and Syuri hit the back of her head on the edge of the ring…

Anyway, I hope no one gets injured as moves are getting more dangerous these days.