Describing a curve

Today, I was extremely stressed out at work because I had a lot of things which were so annoying!! And then, I turned to be fine later as I learned a lot at the PC school.

I’m taking a week-long holiday next week, so I had a lot of things to do before that. However, I thought “Things never work out as you expect…” First, the temporary staff are leaving our company by the end of this month, so I couldn’t ask them for doing my chores, that unfortunately increased my workload. Second, I’m taking a day off at the first working day of the next year, so I handed over my job to my colleague. While I was explaining, I was about to snap at my colleague… (How childish I was !!) The reason is that it took time for my colleague to understand my job. I wondered why I had to take time so long as I was so busy then. I remember the staff would do that task before, but I had to teach from the basic. It was definitely a waste of time…

After work, I went to the PC school. I learned how to use Illustrator. I practiced to describe a curve. It was a little difficult for the beginner like me, but I found by myself that the shape of curve was getting better by repeating the practice, that was really fun for me. I could release my stress I had today.

Overall, I had a fruitful day althogh I had my ups and downs today…I will do my best by the end of this week to have a happy my holiday !!