Do you need stimulation ?

I want more stimulation to enjoy my job…

Today, I was feeling bad because I still had a mental instability. Moreover, I left our office at 5pm as I had an ache on lower side of my rib. I looked for the reason and found that it might be from stress.

After arriving at home, I replied some emails from some potential business partners in a foreign country and then took a break. I’m fine right now. I’ll be able to go work tomorrow.

Although I’ve been feeling tired these days, only the business with the foreign business partners motivates me to work. In addition, this feeling makes me realize that I prefer working together with external business partners.

Actually my main job is to administrate and support our foreign companies and I’ve been doing them over 5 years. Sometimes I feel boring because I’m just involved in the business indirectly. If I could make a contract with the foreign business partner, we would set the same goal and work hard  to accomplish it. I’ll be involved in the business directly. Seems so exciting !!

The way external business partners work is very speedy…