Emotional Ups And Downs

Today, I don’t know the reason why, but I felt tired. I had emotional ups and downs whole day.

In the morning, I was rushed as well as irritated because I found a trouble. As a matter of fact, I didn’t have a movie which I had to send to a business partner. A colleague in another department gave me a wrong one about two months ago, and both of us didn’t confirm it as we didn’t have software to play the movie. Because of the trouble, I couldn’t control my feelings, and I was talking with one of my colleagues while showing my irritation.

After that, I received an email from a colleague who used to work with me at the same department. He told me that he was leaving our company in late August, that was shocking. I knew that he was looking for another job, and I thought that the timing had finally come. He has a foreign wife, and his wife gave birth to their child in her home country. He might move to the mother country of his wife, that reminded me of “So many men, so many minds.”

Then, I went out for lunch with two members of our department. One of them is a foreign staff and another is on good terms with me. The foreign staff is good at getting along with colleagues in our department. There are various kinds of staff in our department: Some are hysteric and some pretend to be capable. No matter who they are, the foreign staff gets friends with them. I admire the communication skills. In contrast, such behavior tends to hold neutral position to everyone, that makes the staff everybody’s pet.

After going back to our office, my boss was in a good temper, that looked strange because my boss is basically hysteric over half a day. My boss enjoyed chatting with another colleague while I was calculating the sales data of the previous month. Worth still, a colleague, who is sitting in front of me, was making a cough on and off. These factors got rid of my concentration.

After finishing all the tasks to do, I left out office. I saw some people making a cough in the train. Because of the sudden climate change, many people including my partner become ill recently. To overcome summer fatigue, it is one of the smart ways to eat foods which increase stamina.

So, I’m going to eat grilled eel this weekend with my partner. Can’t wait it!!