English is so much fun !!

Today, I was happy because I had a feeling that I was good at speaking English. I had a meeting with a potential business partner from foreign country.

I used to have a difficulty speaking English because of pressure and nervousness, but I could overcome them today. I didn’t think that my English had improved dramatically. I just came to be confident to use English.

Keeping a diary for about 3 months helped me remove the negative feelings, I believe!! On the other hand, the meeting made me feel that I had some areas to improve as I sometimes couldn’t make myself understood. However, I accepted the failure to get a more frequent speaker.

In the meeting, I heard the presentation of my boss. I was thinking that I couldn’t catch up with my boss’s English ability, but I made sure that I would be able to speak like that if I could continue making a effort.

Today, this experience has taught me that I do love learning English. It doesn’t have a goal, but that makes learning English more exciting and addictive !!