ENT clinics near me

I went to an ENT clinic near me because my nose feels itchy recently.
And then, I have a blocked nose. It makes me less active to whatever I do.
I was suffering from it during the same period a year ago.
As I remember that strongly, I went to an ENT clinic before it gets worse.
The clinic is so popular that I usually wait for half an hour to one hour.

When I saw a doctor, I told my signs.
He told me something so quickly that I had difficulty listening to him.
What was worse, he used a lot of technical words. How unkind he was !
I was frustrated with his attitude.

After that I moved to a pharmacy to get medicines.
There were two boys with their mother.
They were adorable and one of them walked to me and
touched my knees looking up to me.How cute he was!
I wanted to bring him back to home.(Just joking.)

I feel dull because I had a flu shot
I would like to have a good rest spending a relaxing time for the rest of today.