Extending my gratitude

I had the last lesson at English school today.I started going there last July and had 30 lessons without any cancelations.

Thanks to teachers I respect, I could continue learniing and have a lot of learnings.

Honestly speaking, I can say what I have learned this time is different from what I had done before at other schools.

I got frustrated when I had difficulty expressing my thoughts in English. Moreover, I often lost confidence.

However, such experiences taught me the area to improve right now. I tried my best to get over them through trial and error. I feel a sense of accomplishment when I feel an improvement on my English even if it’s a littile thing.

Although My final goal for English learning is far, I’d like to keep practicing English.

Today I had the lesson with one of teachers I respect too well. He gave the area to improve to me straight, that I really appreciate. I learned how to reach my goal and what to do for that from him.

It was a wonderful journey at English school. Although it’s sad, I’d like to make my way for my next step.