Extremely hungry !!

Today, I was very busy and didn’t have time to have lunch. I’m pretty hungry right now and I can’t wait for beer after making this diary!!

I had a monthly board meeting for our foreign companies. As most of the board members in our company are also ones in our foreign companies, they attend the meeting and discuss or judge some topics raised from our foreign companies.

I had difficulty concentrating on the meeting, because I was hungry and I was just waiting for the meeting to end as soon as possible…! Actually, I was in another world… I didn’t think it was a professional and  I had to reflect on that. Because of the yesterday’s party, I was demotivated a little… but I had to change my mind as a professional.

Tomorrow, I am attending a seminar. It is about a solution to a challenge. We will learn how we should resolve the issues with limited time. As I have a tendency to take time to output something, it will be a fruitful seminar for me to improve my business skills. I can’t wait !!