Finding the next way of learning English

Today, I was very tired because I had a lot of tasks that I had to finish by tomorrow. I realized how important time management was… Tomorrow, I’m overviewing next year’s entire schedule and checking when I would be busy in advance. It would be a healthy way as being rushed by sudden tasks would be harmful for both my body and soul !!

It relates to what I wrote above, but I’m wondering how to manage the balance of my English learning now. I finished the class to write a diary for one month two days ago, so I considered to use more time for inputs such as reading books or listening to news. However, I’ve been thinking that outputs such as writing a diary or expressing my emotions in English would be important as well.

That’s why, I’m wondering what would be the best balance between input and output… Actually, the materials for next year’s English learning have been ready !!

I can say that it depends on me whether I could use those materials effectively and smartly or not, that would be so challenging but exciting !!