For my dreams

Today, I was pretty happy because I started learning a few skills for my dreams. They are IT soft skills like Illustrator and Photoshop.

I went to the school and started learning the basic knowledge of Illustrator. The class was one-on-one style. First, I watched the video, and then the teachers explained the details.

I drew some easy drawings and found that some functions were similar to those of PowerPoint. Therefore, I thought that I might use what I learned such as the shortcut keys, the copy and paste way, the painting colors way and so on to other softwares. Finally, my entire IT soft skills might be improved !!

Tomorrow, I will review what I learned today. One of my dreams is to have a creative life. To achieve that, I will do my best to be free with Illustrator and Photoshop. Moreover, I’d like to draw pictures which come up to my mind and share them on the internet. I was focusing on improving business skills until only recently, but I came to feel that I’d like to increase the range of my hobbies to have a creative life. The class has lessons for 36 hours. I will complete them without any cancellation.