Fun to know the structure of Illustrator !!

Today, I was really feeling well because I had a fruitful time at the PC school for learning Illustrator and Photoshop skills.

I changed the place I had the lesson because I wanted to find the place which matched me the best. I thought that today’s place was much better than I had been before. (The school allows us to have lessons at whichever classroom they have.)

This experience has taught me that I should repeat trial and error to find what fits me the best. I’m trying another place next year, so I’ll finally go with the place. Today, I learned a lot about Illustrator. I learned to draw some shapes such as circle, square, and triangle. I was surprised that these shapes were designed by the complicated calculating formulas which were behind the system. It was fun to know the structure of Illustrator.

Tomorrow, I will have nothing special, so I will leave our office earlier and reflect on my next year’s resolutions and plan their schedule. I’d like to start my website next year, so I’d like to collect information such as how to promote it to the potential readers, how to gain my fans, and how to increase the word of mouth. I’ll have a lot of things to learn, but I’d like to enjoy it and invest my time and some cost to make my website successful !!