Getting a mortgage

Today, I was happy because I got a mortgage at the bank. In the morning, I took a day off and made a new account at the bank near my place. Then, I moved to another office of the bank which specialized in a loan.

I got explanation about the loan and signed some documents. After that I finished putting my seals on them. Overall, it took about four hours.

While I was looking through the document, I found the word “Debtor”. It was the first time for me to become a debtor. That made me feel that I had to straighten up to repay the loan !!

Besides the above, I experienced a lot of new things. As an example, it costed 60,000JPY for a revenue stamp. The bank staff was a royal customer of our company (It didn’t directly relate to the topic though) and so on…

After coming back to my home, I checked what I should do before and after moving. My bad habit was trying to do things in a time. However, this time, I will pay attention not to be rushed and do things one by one.

It would take at least 3 months to complete all the procedure of my moving. It may be hard, but I would like to enjoy it !!