Getting a moving done

Today was a national holiday in Japan, so I worked on moving home.

I got happy because I finally could get the moving done. I went back and forth several times between my previous apartment and my new condo all day long. Depending on the size and weight of what I brought, I changed the transportations. It was fun to reflect on several combinations of taxi, train, bus, and walk. Heavy materials such as home electric appliances and furniture had already been carried to my new condo about two weeks ago, so today I took the rest which were relatively light items such as bedding, cleaning tools and so on. I carried them with one big suitcase. It made a rattling sound, that made me embarrassed because of cold stares by others.

By the way, how do you feel when you move houses ?

I am a person who is afraid of changes, so I feel a little anxious rather than feel so excited when a situation changes… Actually, I have been feeling emotional ups and downs these days because of moving. For example, a small thing such as a disagreement about the parking area between newly moved people and neighbors seems to be an extremely big trouble. I think I need to be relaxed.

Tomorrow, I’m commuting from my new condo for the first time.

I wonder what the atmosphere of the new commuting route would be like. I hope I could get used to that soon. This is the first blog entry at my new condo. A memorial day!! Oh, it’s time to sleep.