Giving up as hopeless

Today, I was quite exhausted because I heard some news for the next year at the lecture today. I was disappointed at two points and wondered how our company would go and how I should go with what I really want to do.

First, the officers in our company shared with us the vision in 10 years. It was the world surrounded by high technology and our service varied according to the change of the technology. That was too difficult for me to imagine such an ideal world. Moreover, that didn’t make me excited to keep on working here. Second, there was no change for our team next year. As I was requesting for tranferring to other departments, I was disappointed at the continuity of the current job. For these reasons,  I wondered if I could change my job next year… I might need to think that twice, but I had lost my motivation temporary today…

Tomorrow, I’m having a few meetings with Taiwanese staff in our foreign company. When I told a part of the topic today, they seemed to be reluctant to talk about it. However, I’ll insist how important my proposals would be tomorrow. I have respected what the local staff said as they knew the local market better than me, but I will insist my proposals because I believe my proposals would be effective to the local market !!