Having a fruitful day off

Today, I was a little feeling well because I had a fruitful time at the PC school and came to feel that I got used to use Illustrator a little.

I took a day off and learned for three hours at the school. Today, i designed the business card. The trouble was that I had a tendency to forget what I had learned soon, but I finally made it. And then, I started designing a Christmas card.

It was my first time to study there. Although I was a little nervous to be taught by the teacher whom I met for the first time, I thought that I had a good chemistry with him. When I had had the class at another place, another teacher seemed to behave as a robot. The school’s motto was “The digital communication caused less face to face communication. Therefore, we would focus on one on one teaching”. So, I would feel the big gap by the robot-like teacher.

Tomorrow, I’m learning reading “CNN English Express”. I started the subscription with the employee benefits. I will make it a rule to write down at least one word or one phrase which seemed to be useful everyday.

I will do my best to improve the quality of both input and outlet in English !! I hope I will find some new words by checking current topics.