Having a good taste

Today, I was a little bit stressed out because I was irritated against a few colleagues in our office. Therefore, I left the office earlier than usual and walked from the nearest station to the next one for a change of phase.

I was considering the flow and the layouts of my business trip’s report. I paid attention to the design of my report so that it wouldn’t be looked uncool, because our company aims at the brand which has a good taste.  As a member of the company, I thought I had to create a cool and smart report.

I took time to consider, so I had to work overtime. When I was so rushed because I didn’t have enough time, a few colleagues near my desk started talking.  I don’t know why, but the more I have to concentrate on job, the more sensitive I get to the noise around me… That’s why I had listened to what they talked. It was the conversation didn’t worth listening to… I was disappointed with myself because I was disturbed by such a small thing, so I decided to go home…

Tomorrow, I’m having a bonus !! I can say that I have worked for it !! I will save it for my future expenses. As the Taiwanese staff are coming next week. I’m going to prepare for the meeting and finish making the documents for it tomorrow.