Having an inferiority complex as a Gay

Have you ever had an inferiority complex as a gay?

When I was in my twenties, I had an inferiority complex to straight people around the same age because they could naturally go through the below processes, that was really dazzling for me…

Processes (My inner voice)
1. Getting married (It establishs social trust…)
2. Having a happy family (Openly living with a partner looks so jealous!)
3. Filial duty (What an ideal life it is! Parents will get relieved.)
*Of course, I know there are exceptional cases.

However, I found it difficult to obtain the above as I was an undeniable gay. So, I changed the way I thought. I tried to consider what only gay could do, that helped me overcome the inferiority complex.

One way  is to focus on improving skills. Gay have enough time and money to invest themselves, that would be advantages. For an example, you can go to school or learn by yourselves as long as time allows. As for me, I make it a rule to learn English writing skills after work. In addition, I aspire to be the specialist who can use the skills in the near future.

Do those who invest only themselves look irresponsible as a member of society? I don’t think so. I think there is a wide variety of ways to return benefits to others. I’m sharing what I learned through this blog while hoping that my message would encourage a gay like me. My blog has still many areas to improve, though…

As a result, living as a gay has a lot of possibilities. There is no time to care about an inferiority complex to survive in society. It’s just my opinion.