How to attain the goal in learning English

I will share what I felt while I continuously learned English for about one year.

‣Focusing on the purpose

I have tried many things.

  • Repeatedly speaking and memorizing useful phrases in business settings
  • Going to English school and getting used to communication with foreign teachers
  • Keeping a diary (almost) every day
  • Learning academic writing

After going through them, I found that the kind of the results differs depending on what I learnt. For examples, I could be confident  to speak with foreigners while I was going to English school.  In addition, I pay attention to grammer and word choice more than conversational expression while learning academic writing.

I didn’t realize the fact that outcome changes until I learnt each learning method such as keeping a diary, repeatedly speaking English and so on. I should have focused on the purpose before deciding the study method. It will help to reduce cost as well as time…

‣Practicing English like a gym training

While I was learning English, I found a lot of words and phrases which were new to me. However, I have forgotten the most of them. This made me feel that there is no way but to review those words and phrases regulary. Moreover, writing them down is more effective while reading them. Especially, I go with the words which are for practical use. Even if I memorize the extremely difficult words which only a few people around me know, it will be just a waste of time. (It’s just my opinion…)

I will prepare a new notebook to gather new words and phrases.  As many English learner say, learning English is like a gym training. I have to make inputting new words a way of life.

‣What is my next goal ?

I’ll finish my class of academic writing by the end of next month. So, I keep on struggling with it. It is so hard, but so fun when a teacher gives me a favorable feedback…

In conclusion, I realize there is no shortcut to attain the goal in learning English. Sometimes, I wonder why I learn English so hard. However, I can say that I love English.What one likes, one will do well.

There are three assignments I have to submit by the end of next month. So challenging…