How to win friends & influence people

Today, I felt sorry about my behavior to my colleague.

The colleague was a temporary staff who joined our team last month. I had difficulty teaching my job as it took time for the staff to learn the job. In addition, the staff asked me the same questions several times. Those attitude really irritated me. Yesterday, I showed my anger as the staff did the same mistake…Moreover, I shared my complaints to other colleagues. I found that they also had the same impression to the staff. Therefore, I thought it might have been a mistake that we had assigned the staff.

Today, I had a short meeting with the staff in the morning. I found that the staff reviewed what I taught by herself. In addition, the staff prepared for many questions in advance. What made me impressed that those questions were not the same questions that she had repeatedly asked, but the questions that she listed up after having organized what I lectured by herself. Those attitude moved me…At the same time, I felt sorry that I showed my anger. How childish I was yesterday…

This experience has reminded me of the book ” How to win friends & influence people.” by Dale Carnegie. The staff tried to change the current situation as well as made an effort by reviewing the job by herself. Therefore, she influenced me. In contrary, I was just getting angry… I thought I had to learn from her attitude.