Human Relations in the Workplace

I am exhausted from human relations in the workplace. I’m so sensitive that I can easily read others’ feelings from their behaviors, facial expressions and tone of voice, that really makes me stressed.

For examples, I get tensed when I ask a member who looks irritated for chores. In addition, disagreement between other colleagues lowers my concentration, even if I’m not involved in it directly. In contrast, I hate myself when I wonder if I’m thinking too much about small things like these.

This is why, I think I might be a difficult person. Sometimes, I consider how could I get along with my subordinates if I became a manager? I know there are several types of people in a team. If a staff is demotivated, how should I cheer him or her up. If a staff is uncooperative and won’t follow my orders, how should I scold him or her? I’m not sure how to behave in such circumstances as I have been unsocial person since childhood. I dislike communicating with others deeply as I’m scare of seeing how they feel by my words. I can see almost everything from their facial expressions. That might be a talent of guessing…

Therefore, I would like to find a job which is not influenced by human relations in the near future. In other words, a job which I can do by myself. I focus on improving my strength rather than overcoming my disadvantages, human relations. Even if I could overcome them, don’t you think there would be a lot of competitors around you? What do you think?