Ice Ribbon Giulia Appears at Stardom

There was a sensational news today, Oct. 14th, 2019. Giulia (ジュリア in Japanese, Ice Ribbon) appeared at a World Wonder Ring Stardom event in Korakuen Hall, and she announced that she would join Stardom promotion.

As a matter of fact, Giulia, this morning, suddenly tweeted that she had left Ice Ribbon as of Oct. 13th, 2019. Then, after several hours, we were surprised at her appearance.

I saw several fans had rumored that Giulia might join Stardom on a Japanese textboard, 2channel, considering the timing of her announcement. Giulia really appeared after the main event of the promotion, Bea Priestley vs Hana Kimura. Bea defeated Hana by Queen’s Landing. After that, Rossy Ogawa, the president of Stardom, introduced Giulia. Giulia declared that she decided to join Stardom to become the top of female pro wrestling.

About this news, Hajime Sato, the president of Ice Ribbon, showed his confusion because, from his explanation, Giulia still signs to Ice Ribbon. That might cause the big trouble between Stardom and Ice Ribbon.

Who is Giulia?

Giulia was born on Feb. 21st, 1994, 25 years old. Giulia has international backgrounds. She is half Italian and half Japanese, and was from London, England. Also, Giulia had had unique career before going with a pro wrestler. She used to be the shop manager of Italian restaurant. After that, she worked for a hostess bar to gain tuition for vocational school of make-up. While she was watching Ice Ribbon with customers of the bar, she came to fall in love with female pro wrestling.

Giulia made her Ice Ribbon debut on Oct. 29th, 2017 at Korakuen Hall. I remember she was covered by a Japanese TV program before and after her pro wrestling debut with eye-catching words.
“A 23-year-old popular hostess suddenly decided to become a pro wrestler.”
“Can she really make a debut despite the injury on her pinky finger?”
“Would the grandmother, who couldn’t accept her pro wrestling debut, come to see Giulia wrestle?”

My Impression of Giulia

I have an impression that Giulia looks so beautiful that she can gain popularity. At the same time, the way she wrestles doesn’t match Ice Ribbon because she seems to prefer hard hitting fights or use dangerous moves even in Ice Ribbon.( I was surprised at watching Giulia wrestled before because I had had an impression that Ice Ribbon is the safest among female pro-wrestling promotions in Japan.) While wrestling with Ibuki Hoshi, the daughter of Hamuko Hoshi, Giulia kicked Ibuki’s face many times. Besides that, when Giulia challenged Maya to a title match, they drove the opponent’s head or neck into the mat vertically, that was really scary for me… At 5:14 of the below match…

What Happened During the Last A Few Days?

I will organize what have happened so far.
*Oct. 12th: Ice Ribbon cancelled the event in Korakuen Hall due to the big typhoon.
The retirement ceremony of Tequila Saya, the tag partner of Giulia, was supposed
to be held, but it was postponed.
*Oct. 13th: From the tweet of Hajime Sato, the president of Ice Ribbon, Giulia told him that she wanted to leave Ice Ribbon, but the timing needed to be considered well because there were already bookings as well as the ceremony of Saya was postponed.
*Oct. 14th: Giulia declared that she had left Ice Ribbon the day before, and she announced that she would join Stardom. As for Rossy Ogawa, the president of Stardom, he told that “I accepted her join because Giulia said that she had terminated the contract with Ice Ribbon.”

I guess Giulia was going to take an action on Oct. 12th. After the retirement ceremony of her tag partner, she might have announced to leave Ice Ribbon on the ring. That, however, was impossible, so Giulia forced her way through. The relationship between Ice Ribbon and Stardom is died out because there was a disagreement before. So, this news might lead to the big trouble again.

How Do Stardom Rosters Feel?

The rosters of Stardom wouldn’t welcome Giulia because she might become a big threat for them, that would make the fights fiercer. I, personally, look forward to Hana Kimura vs Julia because their appearance and fight style seem to resemble. They wouldn’t give in each other to show “I’m better than you.”, that is the true pleasure of female pro wrestling.

This year, some famous as well as popular wrestlers such as Hana Kimura, Riho, Andras Miyagi, entered or mainly wrestled at Stardom promotion. In contrast, the number of potential foreign wrestlers who are scouted by Rossy Ogawa are getting decreased. It was disappointing for me. Popular wrestlers such as Toni Storm and Viper are mainly wrestling at WWE right now, and other foreign wrestlers who currently wrestling at Stardom don’t match my preference. I want to be excited once again by seeing the potential foreign wrestlers…

Anyway, the news of Giulia was so sensational today, and it is not announced when she will wrestle at Stardom.