I’m always complaining lately…

Today, I was so tired because I had a pile of work.

First, I taught a job to a staff, who had joined our team last month, in the morning. The job was the most difficult one in the routines. So, I spared about two hours, that stressed me out. How hard to teach something concisely and simply! After that, I went for lunch, but I had only 20 minutes. I was so rushed because I had meetings in the afternoon.

Second, I had two meetings for 3hours in total. What made me irritated the most was a few colleagues who were so excited to talk about themselves for a long time. I know it must have been the moment to show how capable they were, but I wanted them to recognize that their talks annoyed me.

Third, I worked on data analysis after the boring meetings. I am planning to change job to utilize the skills of data analysis, so I make it a rule to improve the skills even if I was so busy, that, I believe, will lead to my ideal future! I prepared for tomorrow’s meeting. I’m consulting with an expert to deal with business solution in Taiwan. I made hypothesis which might be the key reasons for the issues, I collected some data which would support the hypothesis. After completing the preparation, I felt a sense of accomplishment.

Fourth, I made a list which will be shared in a meeting next week. I’m going to Taiwan, and I’ll share it. I was reluctant to do it because a staff in Taiwan points out many things even if they are small one. I know the staff is a perfectionist, but I want him to know that his persistent personality exhausts someone like me.

That’s why, I worked overtime as well as very tired today. I, however, thought I should keep a diary even in a hard day. Tomorrow, I’ll be busy too, but I’ll do my best.