Improving English writing skills

Today, I was feeling well because I was reflecting on and found what I wanted to learn besides writing my diary. I’m going to challenge two items. One is an academic writing and another is learning English grammar once again.

First, I ordered the English grammar book which my friend recommended. Second, I applied for the e-learning class which was offered by EIKEN. It would teach the academic writing to those who were considering studying abroad. (I’m not studying abroad actually…)

I learned that the academic writing was necessary skill for taking the exam for college and writing essays or reports at the college’s tests. I thought that it must be basic in writing essays, so I decided to learn.

Moreover, I’d like to write them with the correct grammar. Writing my diary made me realize that I needed to learn the English writing from the basics and pay more attention to use the right grammar, that I really appreciated.

Tomorrow, I’m meeting up with my colleagues in our group company. I will ask some questions about their business. Our company will expand our business channels next year, so I will get some information to reflect on the strategies. I’ll work on that besides my current job… I’ll be extremely busy next year, but I’ll talk it to myself that this must be a good opportunity to improve my business skills… There’s nothing but to do it !!