Is It Possible to Remove Dark Spots on Face?

Dark Spots on My Face

(This page was updated on August 22, 2019)

“I feel down when I look in a mirror in the morning.”
“I hate to have my photo taken from this angle.”

I’ll share this entry with those who have been worrying about dark spots.

I am a male cosmetic lover in my late thirties.
It’s not exaggerated to say that “Appearance is all that counts” in the society, so I pay attention to my appearance as well as act against aging. Not only those, I started makeup, I’m not used to it, though.

One of my skin concerns is dark spots…

Dark Spots on My Face

There is a big one on the upper side of my cheek.
It appeared while I didn’t realize, and it has been staying for a long time…at least over five years.

I tried many dark spot correctors, but I failed to remove it because of several reasons.
“I come to forget to use it, and I totally forget to use it.”
“I give up using it because there are no drastic results.” etc.

To get rid of dark spots on my face, I’ll try an item which my friend, who is a cosmetic junkie, recommended and see how it goes.

SOFINA White Professional

I’ll report what will happen to my skin every week.

I hope that I will come to a happy end that the dark spots will diminish.
In addition, I want to prove that they can be removed with the right care.

★ 1 week has passed since I started to use. (July 30th, 2019)

(Left: July 23th, Right: July 30th)

Comparing with the left picture: the dark spots a week ago, the right one: the dark spots today seem to become lighter, don’t they?

I use this twice a day: in the morning and the evening during my skincare routine. I use it after applying lotion, and then I put on moisturizer.

Actually, I didn’t realize, but this might be effective… This result made me keep on trying !!

★ About 2 weeks have passed. (August 7th, 2019)

(Left: July 23th, Middle: July 30th, Right: August 7th )

The dark spots are getting deeper. I have been to a tropical country early this week on business. Although, I had put on sunscreen lotion on my face, I got a sunburn a little, that relatively made the spots darker, perhaps. Rome was not built in a day…

★ About one month has passed. (August 20th, 2019)


(Left:August 7th, Right:August 20th)

I cannot see any improvements to my dark spots. They are getting darker and bigger. I have no choice but to put on the corrector and see how they go…